Rear Loading Trucks

Rear Loading Trucks

Rear Loading Trucks are most common in residential areas, but can also be very effective for commercial and industrial applications.

Rear loading garbage collection services are a type of waste management solution designed to efficiently and effectively collect, transport, and dispose of large volumes of waste. The service utilizes specialized trucks that are equipped with a rear-mounted packer, which allows the trucks to store and transport a higher volume of waste in each trip. This results in fewer trips, lower fuel consumption, and reduced emissions compared to traditional front load bin services.

The compact size of the rear loading trucks also makes them well-suited for use in urban areas with limited space, as they are able to navigate narrow streets and navigate tight spaces. With Ontario Waste’s Rear Loading Trucks in Halton and Peel, there’s no need to have a bin on your property — saving you space and keeping you in compliance with local bylaws that may have banned bins due to noise and aesthetic concerns.

No Space? No Problem

Our rear-load service is ideal for retail plazas and other commercial properties that don’t have a designated space for waste bins. The Ontario Waste team will manually remove waste from your building and load it into one of our rear loading trucks.

Totes: The Alternative to Bins

As an alternative to bins, 95-gallon totes can be used to store waste and streamline the removal of waste and recyclables. These totes can be moved around easily and keep rodents away. Waste and recycling totes are easily picked up by our rear loading trucks with equipped cart tippers.

Garbage Rooms

Garbage rooms are also well-suited for our rear loading trucks service. Our trucks can easily accommodate waste from these rooms as little to no equipment is required for its disposal.

On-Call and One-Time Pickups

With no bins to worry about, our rear-load packer service makes on-call and one-time pickups easy. Give us a call to arrange for a pickup.