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Product Destruction

Defective, returned, off-spec, expired products or branded products? Ontario Waste will destroy your unwanted goods on-site while you watch.

Product destruction is the process of intentionally damaging or destroying goods, typically for reasons such as recall, obsolescence, brand protection, or regulatory compliance. This service is utilized by a variety of businesses, such as consumer goods companies, retailers, food and beverage companies, and government agencies.

One of the primary reasons companies use product destruction services is to address a recall of a faulty or potentially harmful product. By destroying these items, companies can mitigate the risk of further harm to consumers, prevent liability issues, and protect their brand reputation. For example, a company that produces a line of cosmetics may recall a specific product that has been found to contain a harmful ingredient. Rather than trying to sell or dispose of this product in a way that might cause harm, they opt to have it destroyed instead.

Another reason companies use product destruction services is to dispose of obsolete or overstocked products. For example, a retailer may have a large number of products that are no longer selling well, or have reached their expiration date. Rather than trying to sell these items at a discounted price, they opt to have them destroyed to avoid any negative impact on their brand reputation.

Brand protection is another important factor in the decision to use product destruction services. By destroying products that are counterfeit, expired, or damaged, companies can protect their brand reputation and prevent the distribution of subpar products that might damage the company’s image. For example, a company that produces luxury goods may use product destruction services to destroy counterfeit items that have been seized by law enforcement.

Product destruction services provide a valuable solution for businesses facing a variety of challenges, from recall and obsolescence to brand protection and regulatory compliance. By using a reputable provider, companies can ensure that their products are disposed of safely and responsibly, protecting their brand reputation and avoiding potential liability issues.

Product Destruction

How are products destroyed?

Ontario Waste has rear-pack garbage trucks with the power to crush items at 1000 pounds per square inch, making quick work of any product destruction job. At your request, video documentation can be provided to prove that your products have been properly disposed of at a municipal waste management site.

How do we know the products were destroyed?

A certificate of destruction is a document issued by Ontario Waste that confirms the safe and secure destruction of confidential or sensitive materials such as documents, electronics, or products. It serves as proof that the items have been disposed of in an appropriate manner, ensuring privacy and compliance with regulations.

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