Front Load BINS Service

Front Load Bins service is used by commercial and industrial properties.

If you’re looking for commercial garbage bin service for southern Ontario trash pickup, Ontario Waste has you covered!

With Ontario Waste’s Front-Load Bins Service, your waste is stored in metal bins that are resistant to fire, rodents, insects, leaks, and odours.

These efficient bins range in size from 2 to 8 yards, and are perfect for customers with the space to accommodate them. They also make it easy to separate recyclables.

Front Load Bins Truck

Why our front load service is best

No contract required on commercial front load bins

This is of utmost importance! Virtually all of the other front end bin service providers will make you sign a contract for 3 or more years. If you read the fine print in these contracts you’ll quickly realize how one sided they can be. No cancellations without written notice 90+ days in advance, automatic renewal for another 3 years, they can raise the price but you can’t leave! How is any of that fair? Do yourself a favour and don’t sign any long term service agreements!

Free front load bin delivery and removal

When you decide to use our front-end bin service, we will deliver the bin to your site free of charge. When your business moves or closes (why else would you stop using our service?) we will come and take it away for free. Those other guys will often make you pay both ways!

Free repairs on all garbage and cardboard front load bins

If a lid or hinge breaks on our bins we will come and repair it at no cost to you. If you’ve been a customer for so long that a hole has rusted through the bin, we will replace it with new one, again, at no cost to you!

No monthly maintenance fees on your bill

Some of our competitors will actually charge you a maintenance fee every month on your bill to maintain their bins. As mentioned above, we maintain our bins at no extra cost to you. We just felt it deserved extra mention that we don’t charge extra monthly fees on your bill for “bin maintenance”.

Quick turn around to drop off or pick-up front load bins

We try to keep front load bins of all sizes in stock so we have fast delivery for customers that need service in a hurry.

Extra pickups of front end bins by email or call

Filled up your front load bin quicker than usual and can’t wait until your next scheduled pickup? No problem, just send us an email or give us a call and we can schedule in an extra pickup at the earliest available time.

Flexible payment options

You can pay your monthly invoices automatically with Visa / Mastercard or direct deposit with Interac Email Transfer, or by cheque in the mail. The choice is yours!

New front load containers

We deliver new front load containers to your site. Nobody wants an old beat up rusty and stinky bin on their property!

No applications or credit checks

There is no application paperwork to sign, and we don’t require any credit checks which can have a negative impact on your credit score!

Set schedule or On-Call service, take your pick!

We can dump your bin(s) on a regular set schedule, or you can just call or email us when you’ve filled the bin and require a pickup. On call is especially ideal for seasonal businesses!

Local Canadian business

We’re Canadian, and if you’re in Burlington that means we’re local too! If you’re not in Burlington that’s ok because we serve most of the Golden Horseshoe for front load bins.

Least but not last - Pricing

Simply put, we have the lowest prices around. Just to recap if you’ve read this far already: No environmental surcharges, no maintenance fees, no delivery or pickup fees, no PPE fees, no long term predatory contracts. Just straight-forward low cost waste collection service!

Front load bins for all!

Whether you have a commercial, industrial, institutional, office, high rise or housing complex, we’ve got a front load bin to fit your needs. 


Our front load bins range in size from 2 yards to 8 yards.

2-yard bins

71 ½” wide x 36″ deep x 39″ high
Holds 14 bags approximately

Bins and parts for sale

4-yard bins

71 ½” wide x 52″ deep x 52″ high
Holds 28 bags approximately

Front Load Bins For Rent

6-yard bins

71 ½” wide x 68″ deep x 63″ high
Holds 42 bags approximately

6 yard diagonal

8-yard bins

71 ½” wide x 80″ deep x 70″ high
Holds 56 bags approximately

8 yard diagonal