NEW Front Load / FRONT END Bins and parts FOR SALE

Our front load bins range in size from 2 yards to 8 yards.

We can have the bins painted in the colour of your choice. We offer delivery and removal of your old Front Load containers. We can manufacture custom sizes for chute systems. Wheels can be included and tow hooks for compactor bins are available as well.

2-yard bins

71 ½” wide x 36″ deep x 39″ high
Holds 14 bags approximately

Bins and parts for sale

4-yard bins

71 ½” wide x 52″ deep x 52″ high
Holds 28 bags approximately

Front Load Bins For Rent

6-yard bins

71 ½” wide x 68″ deep x 63″ high
Holds 42 bags approximately

6 yard diagonal

8-yard bins

71 ½” wide x 80″ deep x 70″ high
Holds 56 bags approximately

8 yard diagonal

Front Load Bin Wheels

We have fixed straight wheels, swivel castor wheels, and swivel castor wheels with locks

These high quality wheels are the correct size to fit virtually all Front Load / Front End bins on the market. The wheels are 6 inches in diameter and the total height from from the top base plate to the bottom of the wheel is 7.5 inches. Wheel bearings and swivel castor bearings are equipped with grease fittings to extend their service life.

Front Load Bin Wheels

Front end bin Lids

These Lids for Front Load Bins are built to last!

These are the same premium quality lids that we install on all our Front Load Bins that are out in service. Hinges & knuckles are often the first to break on low quality lids. Our lids have extra strong hinges and seamless knuckles that can hold up to 2000 pounds without breaking. These one piece lids are made to lay flat behind the container and allow for hinge movement to further prevent damage. All lids are double-walled for maximum durability, crack resistance in cold weather, and long service life.

Front End Bin Lid


Brand new 76 inch long hinge rods fit all standard width front load / front end bins

If the hinge rod on your front load bin is bent or missing, we’ve got you covered! These rods are 76 inches in length and fit all standard width front end garbage bin containers. The threaded end is 1/2″ coarse thread and there is a hole drilled for a cotter pin.

Front End Bin Hinge Rod

Premium quality cotter pins

Cotter pins are often the first point of failure with front end bin hinges and lids

We outfit all of our front load bins with these premium stainless steel cotter pins. Standard cotter pins made from mild steel will quickly rust and break, allowing the hinge rod to slide out and bend. These cotter pins are made of stainless steel. They will not corrode and this can extend the life of your front end lids and hinge rod significantly.

Stainless Cotter Pin

Chains for locking lids closed

If you have problems with illegal dumping, use these chains to secure your front load bins

These steel chains attach to your bin lids and allow you to secure the lids shut with a pad lock or combination lock. Keep illegal dumpers and wildlife out of your bins with this simple solution. You can purchase locks to suit your needs at any hardware store such as Home Depot.

Front Load Bin Chain