Rear load trucks

Rear load packers are most common in residential areas, but also can be effective in many commercial, and industrial applications. The main benefit of rear load service is there is no need for a bin, thus saving a substantial amount of space. Bins cost more to service because you must rent the bin on a monthly basis. Bins are not permitted in various locations around southern Ontario because of noise and esthetic concerns. In these situations rear load packers are used. 95 gallon totes that are being used for recycling and waste removal are becoming more and more common today which must be picked up using rear load packers. On call and one time pickups are anther advantage to rear load packers because there is no need for bins to be dropped off, and later picked up. Retail plaza’s are commonly built with no area for waste bins, so waste has to be taken from inside the retail establishment and loaded into rear load truck. Garbage rooms are well suited for rear load service, again because of the space-saving aspect of this service. Front load vehicles can be hard to maneuver unless bins are on wheels. The main problem with putting bins on wheels is that winter conditions make it very difficult to move them for pickup.



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